I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with the letter “Taxing the poor is wrong” from Michael Burchill, of Holmfirth, (April 25).

Could I suggest to Mr Burchill, and anyone else who is disgusted by the abolition of the 10p tax rate, to do as I have done recently and write to Gordon Brown expressing your feelings.

I also enclosed the results of the Examiner poll on this subject and the article from Keith Hellawell. It’s about time Mr Brown came in touch with the real world!

I retired last year when I was 60 and because of my age I don’t qualify yet for the increased tax allowance that Mr Brown has given to 65-year-olds and over. This means that my tax has now doubled and on a very small works pension I am £8 a month worse off. Not a lot to the likes of Mr Brown, but it makes a big difference to me.

I have asked Mr Brown why he has chosen to reduce the standard of living for the 60 to 64-year-olds and why he has cut my income at a stroke. I am waiting for his reply! If nothing is done to reverse this situation I know where my cross on polling day won’t be going.

Disgruntled Pensioner