A credit to the town

HOW nice to have some good news on the local private redevelopment property front and the town in general.

I visited the Folly Hall site when all was relatively quiet and my, doesn’t it do justice to our textile town?

This iconic building has been transformed since local companies Bradbury Investments/Jay Tee Construction purchased the site in 2005.

Their £6m investment has brought new life to the remaining three buildings of the original mill that were stagnating and an eyesore to those coming to town at this major entry point.

The property appears to be substantially occupied and I suspect it will not be long before the Sold Out signs are up. Well done, you are a credit to the town.

A note of caution: it was relatively easy for me to make my journey there by car from Meltham via Blackmoorfoot/Crosland Hill/Longroyd Bridge/Ring Road/Chapel Hill then returning via Lockwood and Netherton as the traffic kept moving with relative ease.

I just wonder what will be the case once the Waterfront Quarter is up and running and if Asda have a 24hr/day store adjacent to Chapel Hill – not to mention the 600 metre bus lane on Manchester Road and new Sports Centre at Springwood!

Brian Irving