I WONDER whether readers could help us to record traditions which date back many hundreds of years.

The Prayer Book Society is a national charity which promotes the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, the basis of the Anglican faith around the world.

We need help to complete a unique website directory which lists churches, up and down the country which are still using the old services.

This will be the most comprehensive and up-to-date register of prayer book services and means we will be able to provide a reliable and meaningful database.

To add details of a church service simply go to www.pbs.org.uk and click on Churches and Services.

Once finished, it will be possible to search by diocese, city or town, or to find a particular service such as the much neglected morning prayer, or matins.

Currently no-one, not even the church authorities, knows everywhere that traditional services are held. We hope the new database will be of use to academics, tourists and historians, as well those seeking a church in which to worship.

Prudence M Dailey

Chairman, Prayer Book Society