THE front page of my Examiner on Wednesday April 16, read “WHAT A RESULT!” and yes it was a great result for my beloved Huddersfield Town and we, the supporters.

But even at £100 a ticket me and my family will not be buying a season ticket for next season. Why? West Yorkshire Police!

How the shambles that followed the match against Leeds Utd can be hailed as a success is beyond me (and probably about 6,000 others).

After enjoying a great game of football my eight months pregnant girlfriend, my eight-year-old daughter and I left the stadium full of jubilation. But within minutes this had turned to utter despair.

This was the only situation in 35 years of following football all over the country that the police have taken the decision to pen the majority (home fans) in like caged animals while 3,000 away supporters are allowed to leave first.

I read in Andrew Hirst’s report that a similar tactic with the Leeds fans wouldn’t have been safe, due to the steep steps at the rear of the south stand.

Why not then keep them in the stadium for 15 minutes after the final whistle (as that’s the policy at 90% of stadiums all around the world) while the home fans disperse safely en route to their transport home?

It was freezing cold and raining heavily, my daughter was shivering and sobbing and my heavily pregnant girlfriend likewise by 10.08pm when the line of sniggering West Yorkshire Police officers finally allowed us to pass and make the short journey to our car.

People of all ages all around us could not believe how disgustingly they had been treated. One old man in his 80s was struggling to even stand as he stood leaning against his son, walking stick in hand.

At least had they kept the away supporters in the ground they could have remained in their seats. In my opinion – and probably many more people’s opinion – the tactics used that night did more harm than good.

Chief Supt Barry South needs to take a long, hard look at the real pictures, hold his hands up to what was a tactical disaster and say sorry to the fans of Huddersfield Town (we won’t hold our breath).

If a police tactic works so well all over the world (keeping away supporters in the ground for a short while) why change it for a League One game in Huddersfield?

So well done Town for giving us something to cheer about and well done West Yorkshire Police for driving fans away from the team they love!

Andrew Stocks

Crosland Moor