POLICE officers from Kirkburton and Denby Dale have been working with school children on the dangers of going out alone.

Officers and pupils have joined forces to produce a short story of a little girl called Flossie who goes missing after going out to play and not telling her mum where she was going.

Each page of the Pc Poppy book is illustrated with a picture created by a pupil from a local school. The pictures were chosen from entries sent in to local officer Pc Sally Baines, who wrote the book.

Pc Baines said: “In this story, young Flossie is found safe and well and having the children illustrate the book has made it a fun and enjoyable experience.

“However, the message we are trying to get across to the kids is that they must always tell their parents where they are going when they leave the house or they could get in trouble and cause the police and community a large amount of work and concern.

“Hopefully by helping us produce this book, all of the children will now be firmly aware of the message it contains.”