THREE unlicensed door supervisors were discovered working in clubs and bars in a police-led operation in Kirklees.

Investigators from the Security Industry Authority supported West Yorkshire Police to carry out visits across 18 pubs, bars and clubs last weekend.

Of the 30 individuals checked, 25 operatives held a valid SIA licence but five people were found working illegally.

Three unlicensed door supervisors were stopped in Huddersfield and Dewsbury.

One of those had no licence, one had expired and one had been revoked.

Two licensees, who were employing in-house door supervisors without holding a SIA licence, were found.

Seven door supervisors were also issued with warnings for failing to display their licence whilst on duty, which is a breach of licence conditions.

SIA Head of Investigation Neil Diamond said: “I am disappointed at the non-compliance uncovered during this operation.

“We are committed to carrying out further such operations to ensure that door supervisors, and the businesses that deploy them, are operating legally and contributing to a safe night-time economy in West Yorkshire.”

Huddersfield Sgt Mandy Mellor said: “The joint initiative with the SIA was a great success. We will continue to work with the SIA to ensure compliance with all law surrounding licensed premises.

“We ask that all operators, especially in the run up to Christmas, carry out their own checks to ensure that all staff working at their venues are licensed and comply with conditions of their licence.”