HUDDERSFIELD should be proud of its association with two of the most effective charities alleviating poverty in the Third World.The Christian African Relief Trust (CART) and the Samaritans Purse Shoe-box Appeal direct their effort in two very different ways.

I can tell you that after eight visits to the Checking Centre at St James’ Church, Meltham, re-packing and checking the shoeboxes, I feel I have made a positive difference to the Christmas of many deprived children. This is only a minor contribution in comparison to the dedication, time and hard work given by the volunteers led by Judith Powell, many of whom attend on a daily basis.

Similarly, my husband always feels he has “done his bit” when he loads up the 40 foot containers sent to Africa. We feel we have a direct contact with the people who receive the help given to them. We have touched the gift which will give them joy.

13,334 children will be receiving a box of love this Christmas from our area – that is how many shoeboxes were checked at the Meltham Centre this year. Well done to everyone who took part in this wonderful venture.

Beryl E Smith

Prospective Kirklees Councillor - Holme Valley North.