THERE is a long and proud industrial heritage in Huddersfield.

As we report today, the textile industry has formed a key part of the town’s development.

And it is of little surprise that Royal bridegroom to be Mike Tindall turned to Huddersfield when he was planning his outfit for the big day.

He is not the first celebrity to proudly wear cloth sourced from this town.

But another development in Huddersfield is aimed at securing the town’s industrial future.

Many have seen the impressive development of the University of Huddersfield campus around Queensgate over the past few years.

And a start today on the £11.5m Enterprise and Innovation Centre should be heralded as another giant leap forward.

When this centre is up and running, it will bring together not only the inquiring student minds but also the technical and forward-thinking innovators of Huddersfield’s business world. Together they can ensure the town has a great future as well as a past.