AFTER our house appeared on Channel Five last week in the programme ‘I Own Britain’s Best Home’ so many people have told me they voted for us – even our dustbin men came to tell me they had spent £4 phoning in!

The day after the programme was shown we got a phone call from the producer with the fantastic news that we had won our episode and are now through to the grand final.

As soon as I heard the news I literally ran round the house screaming with excitement, I couldn’t believe it.

When it finally sunk in, I realised that of the three Yorkshire homes to be featured, we were the only ones through to the final.

So I guess that makes us Yorkshire’s best home. What an accolade.

I hope we or one of the other northern properties wins the coveted title, as it will really put us on the map and silence all those southerners who think that all Yorkshire homes are back to back on cobbled streets.

The final will be shown on Thursday May 15 and will involve us travelling down to London along with all the other winners for nail-biting result.

We’ve had to cut our holiday short to get back in time so I hope it will be worth it.