TODAY’S Examiner vividly demonstrates the price other people pay for football.

All pubs in Huddersfield town centre will shut tomorrow night when Leeds United land at the Galpharm Stadium to play Huddersfield Town.

As a safety precaution, it’s probably a sensible move to stop booze-fuelled yobs causing mayhem.

But for those who aren’t interested in the sport, the cost is a town centre shuttered and closed to anyone who wants to enjoy a night out.

It will hardly create a good impression of our town with anybody who happens to be visiting on the day.

That it is a Tuesday, when business is normally quiet, is no comfort. The pub trade, widely regarded as being on its knees, can ill afford to lose income.

And what about the bar staff? Doubtless many of them will be deprived of a night’s wages which they too can ill afford.

Given the past history between Huddersfield and Leeds fans, it is a bleak and inescapable fact that the closure of pubs is something that has to be done tomorrow night in order to prevent trouble.

But what an indictment on our society.