I HAVE become a middle-aged University of Life graduate who isn’t really shocked by much; more exasperated at what people get away with.

We have all witnessed the down trend in family values and the scourge of the nanny state, all coupled with the watering down of the penal system as a deterrent and with the change from police force to police service.

It appears we have now allowed the downturn in caring to move to the animal world.

Within 100 yards of my property there are four dogs (at two addresses) that are chained up 24/7, without human contact most of that time. Two of them are Akita dogs that are not guarding anything other than a field. The worrying thing is that there is a little dog at the same location that I have never seen, but you can hear its pathetic little cries for attention.

The other dog is a fine-looking puppy that has recently appeared and seems to spend most of its time tethered next to a completely inadequately sized box that is his “shelter”. He looks quite bewildered at his lot.

Speaking to the RSPCA about the dogs tied up in the field they say they can’t do anything because they think they are being cared for. I don’t think a fleeting visit on the odd day is “caring”.

No wonder Yorkshire has the worst reputation for animal cruelty! What a life?

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