I AM writing in response to reading the news of the robbery at Rashcliffe Parish Church (Examiner April 15).

I’ve been welcomed by the congregation at St Stephen’s several times when I’ve visited and each time I have come away with a real sense of what a wonderful, strong and kind congregation exists there.

When I first read the horror line of “knife man strikes” I was immediately angry that somebody could attack this fellowship. As I got past the headlines and read further I came across the words and reactions of the members of the congregation, which were very different to my own.

They are not angry with the man, but concerned for his welfare and wellbeing. I thought yes, this is part of what being a Christian is about.

I’ve sometimes, even at 26 years of age, become quite bitter about the state of our society. I’ve realised, however, that the only way to change things and make a difference is to pull together as a community and to reach out to those who are hurting.

I believe that churches can play a vital role in this. Though I’m not quite sure where I personally stand I do appreciate that God works in mysterious ways and I would like to invite the people of Huddersfield to turn this incident into something positive for the congregation of St Stephen’s and for the community which it seeks to serve.

Lucie Hughes