Our wonderful park

ON the spur of the moment after work, my husband and I decided to meet in Greenhead Park to have a picnic tea.

I hadn’t visited the park for 20 years or more and my husband has never visited. He’s from Manchester.

I hadn’t expected to be so emotionally affected as we walked the paths together. “Hold on,’’ I said. “Where has this lake come from? Stop a moment while I get my bearings.’’

The sun was shining and we sat on a bench watching the ducks. We saw four separate playgrounds, all full of children playing and laughing.

The paddling pool is still there, the lake must be new and those swings used to be over there! I felt giggly. We admired the restored bandstand, the viewing platform, the arches for shelter. New wooden benches were dotted liberally close to paths.

We took a slow walk towards the tennis courts and I felt safe and warm listening to the sound of laughter, games in play, good fun and happiness, bike riding, dog walking, people alone thinking and peaceful.

The war memorial stood majestically as proudly as the war graves in Edgerton Cemetery, my grandfather’s resting place.

Every viewpoint was beautiful! I began sharing childhood memories with my husband and I felt tearful. My father used to walk my two sisters and myself up through Birkby to get to this wonderland. I recall ice creams and cream teas provided by the Coletta family.

I am ecstatic that Lottery grant money has been made available to restore one of Huddersfield’s beloved parks. A steam train line, skateboard ramps, tennis.

When we arrived back home my husband said: “That park was so grand I feel like I’ve just had a mini holiday.’’

I know this letter is soppy – and I don’t apologise for that.

To everyone who has worked on the restoration, whatever it has cost, it has been worth it!

We met with a very nice park attendant who was very busy collecting litter and keeping up the garden work. His job will end in October and I know it will be dark earlier by then, but it was wonderful to know that he was about. If his is a job that can be spared, then let it be.

I hope with all my heart that the park stays as good as it looks today. The icing on the cake would have been to have had the opportunity to treat ourselves to tea in the cafe!

I realised today that I love Huddersfield and all its people, the architecture, the countryside, the views and its heart.

Susan Kepczyk