‘Centre’s closing’

SO, IT’S a done deal despite the so-called consultation and the posturing of local politicians.

I called in at Holmfirth Adult Education Centre to ask for a prospectus to be told: ‘It’s closing.’

A trawl through Kirklees College’s website lists its centres for next year, but no mention of Holmfirth. All of this confirms comments by centre users and (former) tutors who say it’s almost entirely closed down now.

So what about the consultation? I was one of more than 200 people crammed into the last meeting, called by Clrs Sims and Firth and MP Jason McCartney at 3pm on a Friday, a time guaranteed to exclude working people and parents picking up children.

I, along with others, offered to be part of a group looking at possible solutions. As theŠ former head of education (11-19) I could have contributed positively – but the response was silence.

The next ‘consultation’ is on July 21, a meeting ŠI am sure Mr McCartney will seek to chair despite the fact that his government’s education funding policies are a large part of the problem.

However, if there is blame for ignoring consultation and ploughing ahead it is with the management and governors of Kirklees College, a group identified by Ofsted as ‘inadequate’.

That Ofsted judgement means ‘not fit for purpose.’

So what next? No Adult Education provision in the centre of Holmfirth, and the selling off of a fine old building that was built from public subscription? And all this so that Kirklees College can build its new centre in town for £72m and pay Huddersfield Town FC £75,000 a year for having its name on the team’s and fans’ shirts.

You just couldn’t make it up!

Steve Morris