THE hard-working staff and pupils of Moldgreen Community Primary School don’t deserve to be dragged through the mud, (“MP Barry Sheerman’s verdict on one of the town’s newest school buildings,” April 5) but what else will he do by doing the school down?

There are problems with the school’s building, but they are nothing to do with its location. If the new school had concreted over Ravensknowle Park, no more money would have been spent on it, or the building been of any better quality. We would just have lost a valuable community park.

The root of the problem with the new school is that not enough money was available from the government to replace the original school, which was more than 100 years old. This has meant that Kirklees Council and local people face the bill to get it up to standard. Much of that has been dealt with, but there is more to do. I would have hoped that Labour would have joined with the Lib Dems in supporting the school and its parents and pupils.

Barry Sheerman is the chair of the Education Selection Committee in Parliament. He should be the first person who knows what it takes to build and maintain a new school.

But if Barry, and his Labour government, can’t even deliver for his own constituency – what hope the rest of the country?

James Blanchard

Huddersfield Liberal Democrats