I WATCHED last week’s Bafta ceremony from the comfort of my bedroom at home as even though the programme Secret Millionaire which I appeared in last year was nominated for an award as best feature, I missed out on a ticket for the prestigious event.

I had already planned my list of thank-you’s and had written a few words about the friends I met when filming down in Cornwall.

The elderly couple Kath and Don who I gave some of my money to in the show keep in regular contact with me and have welcomed me into their family ever since.

Recently they’ve sent me some photographs of two Yorkshire Terrier pups they bought for their disabled daughter Juliette with the last of the money they had left from the gift.

That programme changed all our lives in so many ways and I felt sure it deserved the accolade but I guess Ramsay’s Kitchen nightmares which won must have wowed the judges more.

Perhaps I should produce my own programme visiting bars and clubs around the country who are struggling and helping them to turn their businesses around.

On second thoughts, I don’t swear or drink, so maybe it wouldn’t be outrageous enough!