AMID all the economic doom and gloom there is some optimism for the people of Sheepridge.

For despite all the local government cutbacks, the funding is in place to give part of the area a revamp.

And, if all goes to plan, a further regeneration scheme will follow.

First of all shops and homes in the centre of the area will get a makeover and it will be made more accessible.

The second stage will focus on the area around Deighton and Sheepridge Working Men’s Club.

And it’s all thanks to the hard work and commitment of the Deighton and Brackenhall Initiative Limited that was set up to improve the quality of life for residents in the area.

It was established in 1997 by people with vision, drive and determination and is a great partnership between the community, Kirklees councillors, public services and business. It shows what can be done when people get together with a vision and a common sense of purpose.

The visual improvements will no doubt be a sign of renewed optimism and pride in the area by people living there.

It has opened up a whole new way of thinking and thousands of people will benefit.