IT certainly is a controversial thought that motorists should undergo another driving test every 10 years.

The call is made today from Peter Tiernan, the new chairman of Huddersfield and District Driving Instructors’ Association – but even he doesn’t expect the government to consider it seriously. The instant response from motorists may well be ‘no’. After all, how many people class themselves as anything but good drivers. But the reality is that many slip into bad habits behind the wheel without even realising it.

These can range from going just a few mph above the speed limit which could have catastrophic consequences if a child suddenly runs out and you have to do an emergency stop.Those extra mph could make the stopping distance longer, making all the difference between life and death for the pedestrian.

And then there are sloppy ways it’s easy to fall into such as using one hand to steer, playing the music far too loud and failing to signal properly.

It does make you wonder how many drivers would fail their tests if they took them again tomorrow.

Perhaps what everyone could do with is an assessment that would pick up their bad habits – or you could simply get a relative or friend to sit alongside you and assess what you’re doing right or wrong from an objective viewpoint.

But beware, as that could potentially lead to marital disharmony.