REGARDING the decision not to close New Laithe Hill at Newsome (Examiner, April 12) reported in a story headed “999 services put brakes on closure”.

Calming with humps is not the answer; this will only lead to high speeds between them and will make reversing even more hazardous. Emergency services, please take note.

There does not seem to be a logical reason why the police should want it keep this lane open. Lockwood police station is now closed, so vehicles from Moldgreen or Huddersfield would use Somerset Road/Dog Kennel Bank for Lowerhouses and Longley or Newsome Road for Newsome and Ashenhurst as the quickest routes.

The satnav problem is really not a serious issue in terms of road safety of the lane. Signs will advise motorists and the satnav software will be updated with the change, as are the hundreds of other road changes taking place nationwide on a daily basis.

New Laithe Hill is mainly single track with no pavement in three sections of about 150 yards each section. There are three blind 90-degree bends without pavement. The lane is used by local children and children from Lowerhouses and Longley as they walk to and from Newsome schools. The West Yorkshire Police Traffic Policing is to “ensure roads are engineered to reduce the risk of accidents”, and the policy priority of “road safety; making our roads safer for everyone”. The police insisting that this road is kept open does not seem to satisfy their policies.

With regard to vehicles having to reverse if the road is closed, this happens now, dozens of times a day. They meet head on and someone has to reverse. In many cases tempers flare and consequently the reversing manoeuvre is not done with due care and attention. I would suggest that two or three careful reversals a day is safer if needed. However, I believe there is room to turn around, but if this is proved not to be the case, then a turning circle should be provided. Are the police suggesting that all existing turning circles are dangerous?

On behalf of the residents I would like to thank Clr Cooper for all the work he has undertaken to try to prevent accidents on this narrow road.

Should an accident occur the police officer who made the decision to keep the road open (against the will of the people who actually live here) would have to accept the responsibility for the consequences.

A disappointed resident of New Laithe Hill, Newsome