DOES John Sharp want to win matches? His substitutions for the Giants would appear to suggest not.

The correct use of the bench, and we have one of the best benches in the league, can have a big influence on the game.

Poor interchanges have a negative effect on fans and I would presume players also.

Two incidents from the Catalans game highlight this.

Firstly Jackson made the best forward charge of the night at the start of the second half only to be immediately replaced by the injured Skandalis.

Secondly, and more crucially, Hudson was immediately replaced after making a massive tackle that knocked the stuffing out of his opponent who lost the ball in the process.

Players and fans visibly showed their reaction and we could have used Hudson’s effort to re-energise the team.

Mr Sharp’s reaction in taking Hudson off at this point gave the initiative back to Catalans immediately.

It is not a one-off problem. I have witnessed it a number of times this season, notably at Warrington where Jackson and Crabtree lifted the teams efforts culminating in a try for Crabtree. both were taken off for their efforts.

Surely Mr Sharp you must be able to see that substitutes should be used for refreshing the team not deflating it.

Players must find it difficult to play to their best if they know that substitution will be the reward.

dave beevers