I READ Tears of a Clown, John Avison’s supportive article on Jake Mangel Wurzel, with real sympathy.

Our family believes in the need for eccentricity too. It brightens our perception of how we see ourselves and the world around us.

There is also a real need in society for the ‘little guy’ who stands up to authority and injustice and is prepared to stick his head above the parapet for what he believes to be right. Where I must take issue with John Avison though, is when he refers to Huddersfield as “a little prejudiced and introverted town’’.

We chose to move here and still choose to live here because of the genuine friendliness of the people, who seem to possess the ability to look outside themselves while still retaining the central values of tolerance and support for each other.

If Mr Avison thinks otherwise I am rather surprised to see him working on our local newspaper.

Lynn Meredith