COLIN VAUSE (Mailbag April 26) has obviously never taught or been married to a teacher. If he had he would not have come out with such a puerile statement.

Teachers may appear, on the face of it, to have the same time off as the children. That is far from the truth.

Who does he think does all the prep work and marking? Who does he think goes into school during their time off to get projects and forthcoming studies in place for the return of these little darlings?

Mr Vause obviously does not know the answer to these questions. When the bell goes to signal the end of day for the children it is not over for the teacher by a long shot. And as for the pay, they in truth are not paid enough, as abuse and danger money should be included into the monthly salary. Most teachers work long hours and work in an environment that most of us would shun. The hours they work are the hours to get the job done. Would Colin Vause or any other person work to a remit like that?

Like a lot of people Mr Vause, you only see what you want to see.

R J Bray