I want to see a pub back on that hill, well-built and in keeping with the area so it can be a facility for the people of Huddersfield like it was in my younger years.


Me, I'm two-minded about the development. Part of me says that if it is turned down it serves the Thandis right for not sticking to the original plans, but the other part agrees that there used to be a pub here and it's a crying shame there still isn't a summer time drinking hole up there for those of us who have walked up that hill.


Why do you need a pub, toilets or anything new built on the hill to enjoy it? I sincerely hope this new plan is opposed and the hill is left for everyone to love just as it is. There is nothing stopping anyone taking their own food and drink up – many do. The point is the beauty of the hill and it was a good day when that old pub disappeared.


Huddersfield Town boss Simon Grayson so eager to field both James Vaughan and Jermaine Beckford

I think the Town fans will be mightily relieved too to see the pair of them fully fit and out on the pitch for once!


I do hope they will both be fit soon because I am getting sick and tired of the luck we are having at the moment with these injuries. Town have struggled without them and we must get them back sooner rather than later.


Dixon has clearly been the pick of the signings over the summer. To be left out altogether is confusing, regardless of Grayson’s explanation. Lynch should have played at centre half rather than Gerard. Gerard's ‘Played: Won Ratio' so far this season is shocking. One shouldn't rely on stats but this pokes one in the eye.