SO, D J Wright of Lindley wants the Mosquitoes switched on in Lindley so that the ‘scumbags’ will move to somewhere where they are not operational (Mailbag April 1).

Very neighbourly!

He is probably correct in saying that their parents do not know what they are up to, or even where they are, come to that.

Before very long these ‘scumbags’ will themselves become parents, and treat their own children as they were treated, so we have even more of them. Perhaps it would be better all round if their parents were brought into the picture and shown a better way of bringing up children, thus breaking the cycle of learning bad behaviour and making life better for the residents of Lindley and surrounding areas.

Moving crime and criminals from one place to another is not the answer. Trying to right the wrongs of the previous generation may go some way to help. I assume D J Wright had more caring parents, for whom he should be thankful.

Mrs Pamela M Rowley