ON Sunday, March 30, my father slipped on a banana skin outside the Post Office in Holmfirth. He fell in the road and myself and my companions were completely unable to pick him up.

A lady and three young men appeared from nowhere, carefully helped him up, persuaded him to let them ring for the ambulance and watched for the ambulance to direct it to my father.

Meanwhile, another couple saw the lads taking my father’s weight and moved their truck into position to also support him. They stayed with Dad until the ambulancemen had him safely on his way to hospital.

X-rays showed that he had broken the neck of his thighbone, just proving that all the help my father had been given was so necessary.

Dad couldn’t get over how wonderful they were. I just hope that they may read this. They make the world a better place just because they are in it.

Elizabeth Hampton

Sandal, Wakefield