HOW good Longhill Road and other areas of Sheepridge Šlooked back in the 50s as featured in your All Our Yesterdays.

I wasn’t born in that time but I think Longhill Road then compared to Longhill Road now was a lot more inviting. I would have loved to have lived thereŠ then rather than now as it looked so welcoming, with perfectly kept edges, decent trees, clean public paths, and decent roads.

And there were a lot more estate activities then than there are now for the people who lived there.

Changes today are described as a transformation. I think it’s destruction of a perfectly well kept clean and decent area. Those houses were built by proper tradesmen who took pride in their work and time to do the job right with half of the equipment that’s around today .

The houses that are there now are thrown up in no time at all and the roads are a mess; like a patchwork quilt compared to what they were like back in the 50s. It just goes to show that transformation isn’t always the best policy .

Sheepridge resident