WITH education comes opportunity.

It’s a simple idea and one which, during early years, is offered to everyone.

School attendance is a must and the importance of education cannot be stressed enough.

Literacy – the ability to read and write – comes into play every day, from reading a book, a work memo or a road or shop sign.

The fact some young people these days are leaving school without the required literacy skills is worrying.

But how important are qualifications?

It’s been revealed that one in seven adults aged 16 to 64 in Huddersfield have none.

Experts warn that it will have a detrimental impact on business if the younger generation do not equip themselves to drive the economy forward.

But it’s not simply about passing an exam. For the older generation, going through the education system of decades gone by may have meant they are highly skilled in a profession, but don’t have O-levels.

In the modern day it could be people are leaving school without the modern version, GCSEs, and going on to an apprentice which will eventually give them a qualification.

But it’s important that people do not slip between the gaps.

It’s not simply about passing an exam, but the economy depends on people contributing and doing their best and that starts in school and with education.