I WONDER just how many of those protesters trying to halt the progress of the Olympic flame know anything of the true nature of Tibetan society prior to the Chinese occupation.

It was not the peace-loving Shangri La watched over by kindly monks that we are often told by the Dalai Lama’s propaganda machine.

It was, in fact, a brutal and repressive theocracy in which the population were kept in feudal bondage.

A society where dissidents were routinely imprisoned and tortured. A society where children of objectors were forcibly removed and placed in monasteries.

I am in no way condoning China’s human rights record, but I would suggest that for the mass of the Tibetan population the Chinese occupation has brought nothing but good.

p nicholson


Please read the Code!

G WHITTAKER (Mailbag, April 4) obviously doesn’t know the Highway Code regarding the 30mph limit.

The Code states that if the road has street lights then you are in a 30mph zone. If a different limit applies this is displayed on occasional lampposts, ie 40-50 or, if no limit, the de-restriction signs.

Another little-known fact (judging by some motorists) is that vehicles are permitted to cross double white lines in the centre of the road when passing agricultural vehicles and cyclists. Please give cyclists plenty of room.

L Beardsell


The cost of Kirklees

WHEN reading last week’s Examiner about a Kirklees Council job paying £138,000 per annum and also about eight more on £100,000 per annum I did a quick evaluation; you have nearly £1m going out per year.

Tell me, do those jobs compare to people saving lives, scrubbing floors, looking after relatives 24/7 and many more worthwhile jobs, with not a fraction of their wages.

Years ago the Colne Valley Urban District Council did a wonderful job. I know of two members who caught buses to the council meetings and returned by bus and never claimed expenses.

They did it for the wellbeing of the valley and love of the community. Those were the days we had road sweepers, drain cleaners and, dare I say, dustbinmen once a week!

If so much money is needed to run Kirklees Council isn’t the time right to downsize? Colne Valley would be better off with its own council. Then maybe you could ring up and talk to the person you need (try that with this council).

While on moaning mode why do they need to alter St George’s Square? What is the phrase; don’t mend it until it is broken!

If they need to spend money try getting rid of the potholes in Peel Street, Marsden.

Mrs B L Emms

Housewife with increased council taxMarsden