REGARDING your recent article on the trial closure of New Laithe Hill, I should like to give a brief but accurate picture of the situation as viewed by a local resident.

I believe this should persuade even those who do not know the area that Clr Andrew Cooper is to be supported in this matter.

Turning left from Jackroyd Lane, one is immediately confronted by a blind corner. This is followed by a stretch of road with no pavement, which allows for only single vehicle passing, and leads to another blind corner.

Immediately following this there is an area where children regularly play and where drivers have often to reverse back to, having encountered oncoming motorists at the corner. After a few yards the road narrows again and vehicles are obliged to give way to one another before encountering another blind corner at the edge of Lowerhouses estate.

Whilst New Laithe Hill “regulars” naturally take care, many motorists do not. Taxi drivers are the worst offenders, and those using it as a rat run. It is also used by schoolchildren and pedestrians, forced to take their chances on this largely unpavemented road.

Whilst there has been no serious accident to date, near misses happen on a regular basis. It is surely only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured. Sensible measures should be supported to help avoid this occurring.

Central to this area, close by the middle blind corner, stands a run-down council garage site. It has been used over the years in an informal way by local residents for temporary parking, to avoid adding to their congested road. Kirklees Land Management now think it appropriate to enforce a parking ban on this area.

Whilst strictly, no doubt, they are entitled to do so, it is an action with little common sense about it given the overall situation. Perhaps this largely neglected land could be more usefully used to improved safety and generally the immediate area.

Speeding taxi-drivers and rat-runners will have to take marginally longer routes when the road is closed. Pedestrians, horseriders and those with authentic reasons driving to and from New Laithe Hill should find this narrow, twisting stretch of highway significantly safer.

A local resident