IT’S so easy for people who are against council plans simply to protest.

It’s also easy to attack proposals and say what’s wrong with them without putting forward any alternative.

We see this so often in politics where different parties get caught up in negative slanging matches just to score points when all the electorate wants to hear are the positive alternatives.

Well, the group that has opposed the controversial Local Development Framework in Kirklees has now come up with its own suggestions.

And by doing this, Kirklees Community Action Network has raised its own profile and credibility in the public’s eyes.

They know more homes must be built but argue there is no need to encroach at all on the green belt.

In many people’s eyes, green belt is seen as ‘hallowed turf’ and should be left untouched.

Kirklees Council envisages up to 28,000 new homes in the district by 2028 – at a rate of 1,545 a year.

But KCAN says no more than 1,040 are required and there would be no need to build on green belt land.

It’s promising that the two sides seem to be getting together to talk about all the issues.

Surely that co-operation will be best for all involved – especially the medium-term planning future for the Kirklees area.