WIND turbines can very much divide opinion and stir up controversy.

Some see them as the green way forward, using one of the earth’s natural elements to generate both power and income.

Others regard them as a blot on the landscape and are dubious as to how well they work.

Today’s story reveals a problem with a particular type of turbine provided by Brighouse firm Evoco.

Several people who have invested in the company’s 10kW turbine to the tune of around £45,000 have found them to be unreliable and not generating what they were promised.

Now owners have been urged to switch them off until what the company calls ‘critical upgrades’ have been carried out on them.

These upgrades are still being tested in different harsh weather conditions and the company insists all this must be done before the remedial work can be rolled out to customers.

Safety must come first at times like this and income second, but clearly the company needs to act quickly now to reassure its disgruntled customers.

They aim to do this in a question and answer session as to how the upgrades will remedy the situation and when they will be implemented.

And if that doesn’t happen soon then perhaps it’s time to compensate them for their lost revenue.