THE Rev Richard Steel is clearly a man of imagination and of faith.

On Sunday he will be in his church at Kirkheaton to take morning service and to kick off the latest in a series of fundraising projects which it’s hoped will see the church developed to make it more flexible for wider use by the community.

And the way the Rev Steel hopes to give a final push to work which has already raised a remarkable £375,000 for alterations to the church building is by giving away money. Yes, that’s right, by giving away crisp £10 notes.

The Rev Steel has looked to the Bible and the Parable of the Talents for his inspiration.

By putting his faith in the ingenuity and dedication of his parishioners, he hopes they will each turn a profit on their tenner.

He hopes too that they will do some good and have some fun as they come up with inventive ways in which to show a return on the faith their vicar has invested in them.

And what better way to improve facilities which will benefit the whole community than by investing in its talents.