POSTMEN and women are still a vital part of our community.

It is not just that they deliver letters and parcels to our front doors in all kinds of weather.

It is that they are often an extra set of eyes and ears in our communities.

These are the people who know what’s usual in our areas and what is not. And in the case of Royal Mail employees Ian Wilson and Sarah Elstone when they spotted something amiss, they quickly took charge.

For Vera Day it certainly was a lucky day when the two arrived at her Heckmondwike home to deliver a parcel.

Vera, who is 91, had had a fall, broken her arm badly and had collapsed next to her front door.

Luckily she was spotted by the two posties and thanks to their swift response she was taken to hospital, had surgery on her arm and is now back at home where she was reunited with her rescuers.

Ian and Sarah are to receive awards for their quick-thinking. But their actions should perhaps give us all cause for thought about just how much more posties can and do for our communities than simply deliver our mail. Well done and thank you to Sarah and Ian.