jUST when you thought it couldn’t get any worse trying to navigate your way round the streets of Lindley, with the Halifax Road and East Street roadworks, a new breed of menace has reared its ugly head.

A menace that originates from the posh streets of Chelsea and Knightsbridge and, as most things do, has found its way up North and onto the streets of Huddersfield.

Mowdiwarp set off for a nice quiet walk and ended up in a right old state: “Shopping in Lindley this morning I walked up Hollybank Road and couldn't believe the antics of the parents dropping their children off at the school on George Street.

“I am quite sure that if they could, some parents would drive into the playground and drop their children right at the front door! “The road markings to tell motorists not to park or stop outside the school are blatantly ignored (especially by the 4x4 brigade) and it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt (or killed) and it will be lessons to be learned time once more I suppose.

“If our local police force came to give them ‘appropriate words of advice’ it would be no bad thing as some seem to think that because they are taking children to school it gives them some sort of special dispensation to ignore no stopping or parking signs and anything else that the Highway Code contains.

“When that fails to impress, then giving them a Fixed Penalty Notice might make ‘mummy’ think twice when she has to dip into her purse to pay up!”

despondent added: “If they display one of those ‘Mums Taxi’ stickers they can do what they want, works for others with a taxi sign.”

Mowdiwarp then had a pop at our fine taxi drivers: “Judging by the way they ignore signs etc it would not surprise me if they were taxi drivers dropping their kids off before starting their shift!”

markmyword49 then had a cheap shot at your very own dear daily newspaper!: “Come, come. Given the Examiner’s current penchant for nit-picking over every little decision made by those in authority it would be the Chelsea tractor owners who would be in the right. I’m sure someone would say the road markings were incorrect and the Examiner would be charging in there on its white horse.”