WEDDING vows often count for little these days.

Figures suggest that as many as one in three marriages end in divorce.

The number of divorces in England and Wales in 2010, the latest statistics available, was 119,589, an increase of 4.9% since 2009, when there were 113,949 divorces.

But those sad statistic have no meaning at all for the Wood family.

The four siblings who grew up in Huddersfield in the 1940s and 1950s are all still married.

And there have been extra special celebrations these past few months, as all celebrated either their golden wedding or their ruby wedding.

They got together for a family reunion last month, to mark one of the ruby weddings.

And as Mrs Debbie Wood, of Fixby, said: “It’s something to cherish”.

The three boys – Malcolm, Gerry and Peter – and their sister June all grew up in Huddersfield and they all married in order of age.

First down the aisle was Malcolm, who married Kath in March 1962.

They live in Oakes, have children Hayley and Richard, and four grandchildren.

Next to tie the knot was June, who married Keith Boldy in September 1962. They live in Highburton and have children Ian and Caroline and five grandchildren.

Gerry Wood married Linda in September 1972 and the couple now live in Bath. They have three children – Sally, James and Nick – and seven grandchildren, all boys.

The last down the aisle was Peter Wood, who married Debbie in October 1972.

They live in Fixby and have two children, Zoe and Jason, and one grandchild.

“I think it’s quite an achievement”, said Debbie.

“We are very close as a family, even though we do have arguments and fall-outs, and we have got together three times this year to celebrate the anniversaries.

“The odd ones out were Peter and I who didn’t have a party, as we were busy saying ‘Goodbye’ to our son Jason who has emigrated to Australia, but it got me thinking about the fact we are all still happily married.

“There are many weddings that end in divorce so I think we must have something special.”