COULD MPs Sheerman and Mountford state whether they agree that Abu Qatada and his like should be allowed to remain in this country?

The Appeal Court think it would be against his human rights to be deported to his homeland of Jordan because he may be tortured. So we may now have to support him and his family on benefits for the rest of his life. There are too many of their kind in the country.

I would say to the judges who ruled on this case that I also have human rights and it offends me to pay taxes to support a rabble of unemployable and dangerous characters with their sub-medieval beliefs and twisted logic.

Looking from the outside, how absurd it must be for foreign governments to see the UK sheltering criminals and miscreants, besides supporting them with taxpayers’ money, while these people work against everything we believe in.

It is sickening that the courts/Government can deport you to the USA for a “crime” not committed there and for something you haven’t been charged with in the UK (Natwest 3).

They can deport a cancer sufferer back to Africa to die, but they cannot remove those who support terrorism or mouth off racist and violent comments against whites or “non-believers” as they see most of us.

Shame on the judiciary and this Government. Their actions should be classed as treason.

Gez Sharp