UFO. Unidentified flying object. This means something flying that we don’t understand, not necessarily a flying saucer.

For example, a while ago while walking round Huddersfield market, an unidentified flying object hit me on the back of the head.

I quickly identified what it was by looking at the ground. It was a carrot.

I mention this because I’ve a good idea who threw it. He’s still on the market and should I happen to be walking round with a carrot in my pocket, watch out.

Back in the early 60s, blazing sputniks were reported flying over Huddersfield at hundreds of miles an hour. This shows the imagination of the public when recounting what they’ve seen. These Sputniks turned out to be art student Martin Bell’s large hot air balloons. Folk would still have continued believing in these UFOs but the mystery was solved when one landed on the ICI benzene plant causing a panic.

Now, this is all forgotten and folk want to believe the hot air Chinese lanterns floating about are evidence of extra terrestrial life.

Folk desperately want to believe in extraterrestrial beings.

This is not new. At one time people kept reporting they’d seen angels. Even large numbers reported seeing them together. Remember the Angel of Mons in the First World War? No-one I know of sees them now. Perhaps they’ve ungraded and are using space ships.

Misidentification is rife in the UFO. world. I remember a friend of mine outside a pub was convinced he could see red and white lights passing across the night sky. What he was seeing was reflected car lights going along wet telephone cables. He couldn’t see the cables, only the reflected lights. He’s since had his cataracts fixed.

Some UFO spotters are aware of these misinterpretations. I was travelling from London on the train when I noticed the guy next to me was reading Flying Saucer Review. I remarked: “I thought the magazine was no longer published.” He told me he was one of the authors and would I like to look at it. I said: “I love to.” While looking through I spotted an advert for a radio-controlled Zeppelin. I said: “I think I’ll get one.” The chap said, “If you do let us know we don’t want another load of false reports.”

I did get one, but I’ve never used it.

Now, why have I suddenly started on about something I don’t believe in? Well, the other day I met Sandra who reminded me of an incident many years ago. I’d just come out of Greenhead Park at the Junction Pub end. I looked back over the park and I saw a horizontal, oval, mirrored silver object travelling slowly across an absolutely clear blue sky. I couldn’t believe it. There was no one around to confirm it. I rushed into the garage and got Sandra the manageress to come out.

I just said: “Look over there”. She also saw it quite clearly. When she reminded me the other day she said from that day to this she never figured out what it was. I haven’t either.

Confused of Kirkburton.