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Home Glass Collection Binned

So annoyed they are scrapping collections. My nearest glass bank is quite far to walk and uphill and I don’t drive. Looks like it will go in my grey bin!

Lucy Sutherland

Never had a single glass collection anyway here. Got a load of recyclables all sorted and just waiting to go, but the council has never picked it up in two years.

Hannah Kay

Woodfield Park bought by Ken Davy’s Huddersfield Sporting Pride

About time some good came to this side of Huddersfield.

Hope he encourages community involvement too.

We have been neglected for too long.

Kimberley Stock

I think he should give Town’s shares back before he starts a project like this!

Ian ‘True Blue’ Abbott

Former Huddersfield Town star Peter Ndlovu fights for life after car crash

Peter keep fighting. My thoughts are with you and your family on the loss of your brother #httid #htfc

Judith Coyne