YESTERDAY thousands of people attended Remembrance Day services in our towns, churches and at war memorials.

They were among millions nationwide who attended services in memory of the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in wars gone by and in current conflicts.

Greenhead Park was the focal point of Huddersfield’s Remembrance events with more than 2,000 people joining the service.

It’s not only a sign of the strength of support people have for members of the Armed Forces, but a show of solidarity for their families too.

The services came as Dunkirk veteran Harry Wibley, of Crosland Moor, spoke of his experience on the frontline during the Second World War.

Now aged 94, the veteran offers an insight unimaginable to many and despite his experience he holds no hostility toward the enemy.

“Wars will never stop”, he believes. And while that is the case it is important we never stop remembering.

November 11 offers the opportunity for us all to stop our busy lives for a moment and to think of those who gave their own life or who continue to put their lives on the line.

What’s clear from yesterday’s services is the younger generation are as keen to continue the service of remembrance as those before.

And it’s the young who must ensure that the sacrifices of the Armed Forces will never be forgotten.