WHEN plans are unveiled for a new building in Huddersfield or for the revamp of a tired, older one, we always get a response.

In some instances, such as the new conservatory and tearooms in Greenhead Park, it’s been a universal thumbs-up with many people delighted to see the revamped park getting yet another asset that just adds to its attractions.

Elsewhere, other new arrivals have tended to polarise opinions with the Kirklees College buildings getting mixed reviews.

But the good thing is that as the town continues to change shape to meet the future its residents aren’t afraid of speaking up and expressing their views.

This is, after all, their town and it’s good to see them caring enough about what it looks like, what face it presents to the outside world and to express their opinions.

Now Huddersfield Civic Society has gone a step further, launching its first ever Design Awards to boost interest in the town’s modern-day architecture.

Examiner readers can have their say too, voting for their favourite new building or refurbishment.

So look around, decide which is the best of its new additions and get voting. It’s a chance to make your views known.