AN ENERGY fused council meeting in the Colne Valley saw demonstrations of dance and parkour and updates for a multitude of youth projects revealed (writes reporter Nick Lavigueur).

The focus on youth began with a hip-hop dance by youngsters from Real Youth Action Now and was followed by an athletic exhibition of free-running and parkour by the Huddersfield Monkey Boys.

The teenagers, who utilise acrobatic ways of getting from A to B, gave an exhibition of some of their best moves, including back-flips from the stage of the meeting room at Slaithwaite Civic Hall, causing the normally formal Colne Valley Area Committee to whoop and clap in delight.

The boys, who have previously received money from the council, said they had spent it on a crash-mat to practise in safety and on gym fees to improve their skills and strength.

Other youth orientated projects briefing the committee included, the Postive Action for Young People, the Colne Valley Youth Hub, Streetscene and the Scouts.

Youth workers from Streetscene spoke about their work in Golcar and said they had been out on the streets talking to young people about their concerns and issues in their lives.

Plans for the Youth Hub are ongoing, but Liz Voros of the Kirklees Council Young Persons’ Service, said it would be held in the basement of Slaithwaite Town Hall and it was hoped it could be launched in September this year.

Ideas currently being suggested include a dance area, a kitchen, somewhere to play music and facilities for arts and crafts.

The Youth Hub is likely to be open three nights a week with the facilities being rented out to other organisations for the remainder of the week.

The area committee chairman Clr Nicola Turner congratulated all the youngsters on their displays and commended them for concentrating on positive activities and putting in a lot of hard work.

Monkey Boys picture feature – next week.