It only took Betty’s hotpot to give Helen Flanagan panic attacks so how on earth will she cope with kangaroo testicles and being covered in creepy crawlies?

This is a girl with more issues than Cosmo. At just 22, she has already admitted to an eating disorder and an obsession with exercise that made her shrink to a size four.

Helen, who played Rosie Webster in Corrie, suffered bullying at school and had to move back in with her parents after suffering anxiety attacks in Corrie.

It looks pretty obvious, when you take into account her 32DD boob job, risque photo shoots and Twitter shots, that she has a bad case of ACD (­Attention Craving Disorder).

There can only be one reason that someone so tragically vulnerable has been selected for I'm A Celeb 2012 – programme bosses know it’ll make great viewing.

Those in charge of the show are hoping we will all tune in for a good laugh when Helen collapses into a total meltdown – which we predict will happen on day three.

Of course, that will just long enough for the show to screen a gratuituous shot of Helen in the shower and moments before she drives everyone else in the jungle round the twist.

Well done, TV executives. So good to see the exploitative past of television is a thing of the past.