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WATCH: Dad left looking 'like a zombie' after being slashed in face with a KEY

Newsome man's fury over sentence of crazed woman who attacked him

A man who made a citizen’s arrest on a crazed, drunken woman and was slashed in the face with a key has condemned her sentence as a “joke.”

Greg Kolos, 35, of Newsome, was left dripping in blood and was an inch from losing an eye in the vicious attack.

His attacker, Natalie Ingram, 28, had kicked out at Greg’s £20,000 BMW, denting a side panel, after she forced his car to stop in Chapel Hill as he drove past with his family.

After she was handed over to police it took four officers to control her as she lashed out, shouting, swearing and spitting.

At one stage the officers thought they’d have to stun her with a Taser.

On Friday Ingram, of Robinson Street, Aspley, appeared in court and admitted criminal damage, assault and assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty.

Greg Kulos of Newsome, who suffered personal injuries and thousands of pounds damage to his car after being attacked by a woman on Chapel Hill, Mr Kulos is pictured with dashcam footage of the incident


She told Kirklees magistrates she had been drinking heavily and couldn’t remember much. It was said she may have a personality disorder.

Magistrates gave her a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered her to pay £100 compensation to Greg and £60 to a police officer.

Greg, who said he “looked like a Zombie” after the attack, said: “The sentence is a joke. Maybe if I had lost an eye she would have got the sentence she deserved.”

Greg said the £100 compensation would go nowhere near the cost of repair to his two-year-old BMW 420d. A quote for repair was £1,800 – or £6,000 if the panel was replaced.

“I am just speechless really,” he said. “This woman terrified my family and left me dripping in blood and six hours in hospital – and all she gets is a conditional discharge.”

Greg told how he was driving home from Lidl in June with his wife Kate, 35, and children Olivia, 12, and 15-month-old Oliver in the car.


He was forced to stop as he saw a woman with a loose dog in the road, shouting and swearing at passers-by.

“I had to stop and thought she needed help at first but I could see she was being really aggressive,” he said.

The drama was captured on Greg’s dash cam and the woman – later identified as Ingram – can be heard shouting. She kicked the side of the car, causing damage.

Greg drove a short distance down the road and dialled police on 999 – but the woman followed, still yelling abuse.

Greg then got out and followed Ingram down towards the canal where she shoved apart a couple walking together.

“The man thought I was with her and we were arguing,” he said. “When I explained we both grabbed her and held her down. She had something in her hand – maybe keys – and slashed me near my left eye and at the side of my nose.

Greg Kolos, of Newsome, Huddersfield, pictured after a vicious attack by a drunken woman in which he was left dripping in blood


“There was a large tear, it was like my nose was going to come off.

“She was very strong and had a pit bull with her and I thought it would attack us. It seemed like a long time before two police officers arrived.

“They were gentle to start with but when she started spitting at them it was no mercy! They had to call for two more officers and tied some straps to her arms and legs.

“They thought they would have to taser or spray her. It took them half an hour to get her into the police vehicle.”

Greg then took his family home and went to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

After waiting six hours for treatment he says his wounds were ‘glued’ and he was allowed home.

He has since had blood tests to see whether he may have caught an infection.

“I can’t believe she has got away with this,” said Greg. “Being drunk isn’t an excuse.”

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