A volunteer who works with homeless people has written an open letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ahead of his visit to Huddersfield this afternoon.

Mr Corbyn will visit the town, meet Labour Party members and speak to the wider public at Beaumont Park.

Dave Kennedy, of the Huddersfield Change Project which works with homeless people, said: “As a Labour voter myself, I watched with interest your video speech about tackling homelessness as a priority if you get the vote of the country.

Dave Kennedy on the streets of Hudddersfield distributing food to the homeless.

“You will do yourself and your party a very big favour tomorrow if, after you’ve rallied your troops and your voters together in Beaumont Park in Huddersfield, you would like me to show you, first-hand, the 25 or more people in this small town in Yorkshire on our streets, how they live, how they are treated and what little they want to make their lives more comfortable.”

Mr Corbyn launched the party’s General Election manifesto in Bradford this morning.