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THE children of 1989 are now adults, possibly with their own children.

This edition of All Our Yesterdays focuses on the ‘89-ers – their school activities, adventures, fundraising efforts, sports and art.

What kind of a world did they live in?

Britain was a decade into Thatcherism: the Prime Minister was celebrating the longest continuous spell in power of any British PM in the 20th century.

Inflation, however, was nowhere near under control, running at 7.8%, the highest for seven years.

The Social and Liberal Democrats, formed in 1988 from the merger of the Social Democratic Party and Liberal Party, was renamed the Liberal Democrats.

This was the year the General Assembly of the Church of England voted to allow the ordination of women.

The House of Commons was televised live for the first time.

It was the year building Society Abbey National demutualised and offered shares to its 5.5m members.

Den Watts, the hugely popular character played by Leslie Grantham in the BBC’s soap opera EastEnders since its start four years earlier, left the series.

The Beer Orders, passed by Parliament, restricted the number of tied pubs that could be owned by large brewery groups to 2,000 and required large brewer landlords to allow a guest ale to be sourced by tenants from someone other than their landlord.

Worldwide, 1989 was the year the Soviet Bloc began to crumble, with revolutions that began in Poland.

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