A MOTHER hit out at police after they took 48 hours to start investigating an assault on her teenage son.

Carol Kinder had to wait two days after making a call about the attack before police arrived at her Huddersfield home to see victim Daniel, 16.

Now police have apologised for the incident.

Mrs Kinder, 40, is furious after police failed to follow up the call.

She is appalled it took police so long to respond to reports her son and his friend had been attacked playing football.

Mrs Kinder, of Storth Avenue, Cowlersley, contacted police at about 5pm on Sunday to report the incident in which her son Daniel and his friend were allegedly set upon by a gang of youths on the corner of Storth Avenue and Woodside Avenue.

Officers eventually turned up to interview her son late on Tuesday afternoon - 48 hours after it was first reported.

Mrs Kinder said: "I am appalled.

"My son hasn't left the house since it happened and now wants to move.

"When I rang to chase it up on Monday I was told there were 40 outstanding logs, which means there were 40 other people waiting for police to come and see them.

"At the end of the day there are not enough police officers.

"It is purely lack of manpower.

"But it makes me angry because if they're not there when you need them, what's going to happen?"

She said her son's eye and cheek were left swollen following the incident in which he was punched in the face.

His friend was also badly bruised after he was kicked in the ribs and legs and suffered a grazed eye.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "We take all reports of crime seriously and in particular violent crime.

"We have looked at why an officer was not sent more promptly and at the time we were dealing with a number of urgent matters.

"We are sorry if this lady feels she did not receive the standard of service that she expected.

"The matter is now under investigation."