MAJOR plans to revamp a park have been unveiled.

And for the first time, the plan includes exact details of what will be done and how much it will cost.

Councillors will decide tomorrow whether to approve the £5m proposal for Greenhead Park.

The plan includes a restaurant behind the conservatory, the revival of the ornamental lake and new gates and railings.

Kirklees Council’s Cabinet will decide tomorrow whether to commit £1.6m to the redevelopment. The Heritage Lottery Fund has pledged £3.75m to the plan.

Work would start in the autumn and should take 18 months.

Tony Chisholm, who was one of the founders of the Friends of Greenhead Park 13 years ago, helped draw up the proposal.

He said: “This plan is without doubt excellent for the park and for Huddersfield as a whole.”

Mr Chisholm believes the restoration work is badly needed.

He said: “The park hasn’t had the investment which it required, meaning that it has deteriorated over time. This money will help bring the park up to its Victorian condition.”

Mr Chisholm hopes the revamped park will attract more visitors.

He said: “We need to ensure that the park functions as a community facility so the restaurant would be a move in the right direction, as will the reinstatement of the lake and the improved landscaping.”

And Mr Chisholm also hopes that the revamped park will be more secure.

He said: “One of the things which is key to the preservation work will be the reinstallation of railings around the perimeter of the park. The new gates will be in a Victorian style and will be locked by park wardens at the end of each day.

“This will go some way to making the park a more secure environment.”

The Costs

The full proposed spending is:

Park lodge: £59,939

Conservatory: £721,249

Italian Garden Fountain: £38,379

Temperance Drinking Fountain: £1,980

Sir John Ramsden Bart Drinking Fountain: £21,945

Boer War Memorial: £495

Bandstand: £61,023

Lakeside arbour: £50,021

Refreshment rooms: £309,953

War memorial and belvedere: £59,950

Bridge: £49,473

Poolside arbour: £7,944

Toilets: £17,487

Kiosk: £12,452

Shelter A: £7,856

Shelter B: £7,871

Shelter C: £6,510

Bowls pavilion: £5,995

Ornamental lake: £239,936

Paddling Pool, Filtration Plant and Housing: £24,974

Bowling greens: £10,973

Putting greens: £7,861

Walls and railings: £747,029

Gates: £100,958

Footpaths and steps: £805,604

Drainage: £35,569

Tree and Shrub planting: £80,559

Ornamental bedding: £32,913

Tree and Shrub removal and thinning: £39,171

Grassland reinstatement: £15,950

Lighting (Trenching and cabling for CCTV): £29,705

Signage: £35,000

Seating and bins: £23,375

Contingencies: £339,320

Inflation: £183,505

Professional fees: £367,010

Project Manager (three years): £90,000

Project Officer (three years): £60,000

Increased Maintenance for 10 years: £622,100