TEENAGE sweethearts Albert and May Saxon will tomorrow celebrate 70 years of wedded bliss.

And they happily claim they have reached their platinum wedding anniversary without an argument.

"We've both been too busy", said Albert, aged 92.

The couple, who live in Kirkheaton, were married in Wath-upon-Dearne, near Barnsley, which was May's home village.

The couple - both lifelong spiritualists - met at Huddersfield Spiritualist Church, when May was 16 and Albert was 17.

May, who is now 91, had moved to Huddersfield to go into service with the wealthy Newton family in Huddersfield.

She looked after the family's children - nine- year-old Anne, who later became celebrated Huddersfield rally driver Anne Hall, seven-year-old Ted, and six-year-old Mary.

Mary still visits Albert and May every week.

May said: "My first wage was seven shillings and sixpence. I had a lovely home there. I haven't many relatives and they are like my extended family."

Kirkheaton-born Albert was working as a book-keeper at Percy Keep's garage in Huddersfield. After the wedding, he became an insurance agent at Huddersfield Co-op.

The couple moved to Dalton and, in 1935, they had a daughter.

In 1939, the family moved to Almondbury and Albert joined the Army's Royal Peace Corps as an accountant.

He served five years during World War Two and May ran his insurance business.

When Albert was demobbed the couple bought a wholesale potato business.

Fifteen years later, they moved to Darton, near Barnsley, to run a grocer's shop, a hairdresser's and a fish and chip shop.

They sold the businesses when May retired at the age of 60 and Albert became ill.

He said: "I never had a day off until I was 61. We haven't argued because we have been too busy working hard."

Albert recovered and became a part-time book- keeper. At 77, he retired and they moved to Castle Hill.

The couple, who have two grandchildren, finally settled in Kirkheaton 16 years ago.

May said: "When you get to this age you have fewer friends and family, so we are very lucky to still have each other."

* When May and Albert married in 1934, The Private Life of Henry VIII - starring Charles Laughton - was showing at the former Princess Picture House in Huddersfield.

* The average house cost £420.

* A 1934 Standard 12 car cost £235.

* A furniture suite cost nine-and-a-half guineas.

* May bought her first china tea set for 10 shillings and sixpence - and it is still intact.