NEIGHBOUR from Hell Jean Clough – aged 75 – has been given a five-year antisocial behaviour order.

Clough embarked on a six-month campaign of harassment which included banging pans against an adjoining wall.

The pensioner, of Heys Road, Thongsbridge, also shouted abuse at her neighbours and made a lot of noise – often until the early hours of the morning.

At Huddersfield magistrates’ court yesterday, Clough was given the ASBO in her absence after she failed to attend court due to illness.

Prosecutor Geoff Bell said: “There are 18 incidents between October and January when this defendant acted unreasonably and antisocially.

“These were regularly occurring events, on some occasions they were every day for more than a week.

“There is quite a history of Clough causing problems for her neighbours.

“This ASBO is a last resort for the unit who have been working with Clough since 2004.

“Given the past history and given the fact the antisocial behaviour was continuing unabated until this application, it is proof that this application is necessary.”

Magistrates heard that in September 2001 and September 2003 Clough was twice cautioned for her behaviour towards a former next door neighbour.

It included throwing excrement in their garden and shouting abuse.

Her current neighbour Fiona Riordan reported that Clough had assaulted her twice and caused a great deal of alarm and distress to her and her son Dean.

In November 2007 the pensioner sprayed an air freshener at Ms Riordan’s friend and shouted abuse at them.

On the same date she was also said to have peered through her neighbours kitchen window.

On January 18, 2008, Clough shouted abuse at her neighbours for up to three hours.

She also spent some time banging on the adjoining wall with a saucepan and stick.

Clough also woke her neighbours up at 6am on January 21 and shouted abuse at them from the street. It continued until 7am when she went back into her house.

The following day, January 22, Clough woke her neighbours up at 5.30am and shouted abuse at them until 7am.

Her antisocial behaviour continued for a further eight days.

Incidents include leaving her television on at a high volume until 3.30am on one occasion and banging on their wall for more than four hours.

Huddersfield magistrates’ said that Clough’s behaviour was ‘deplorable’ and sentenced Clough to a five-year antisocial behaviour order.