MOTORISTS are having to side step sewage in Lindley after the drains blocked and overflowed.  

There’s a stink in the air along Lidget Street, with the road side overflowing with sewage water, surface water and leaves, from the library to the junction of Thomas Street.  

Tajinder Singh said: “I went into the hairdressers and 20 seconds later it was all coming down.  

“I went out and I got splattered and it's all over my car.  

“Raw sewage was flowing down the street quite fast.  

“You can’t even walk, it’s covering the whole street.  

“It seems to be coming from a drain, I had a word with a Yorkshire Water employee and he said some wood had got in and blocked it.”  

Workers on the site said the problem is not helped because of the amount of leaves building up along the road side.  

At 2pm this afternoon one section of Lidget Street was full of fallen leaves, which were covering the drain grates.